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Updated: Dec 11, 2019

A vaudevillian degustation that gives you a little taste of just about everything, this variety show presented by FlickFlickCity is a hilariously entertaining, theatrical feast!

Staged in the aptly-named Flight Path Theatre, a part of the local-loved Addison Road Community Centre, Welcome to Dinner (Ep 1: Religion, Sex and Politics) is a unique show that serves up a multiplicity of talent, laughs, ideas and stories shared by a group of emerging artists.

We are welcomed to our evening by twin comedy duo Sis and Chris (Sophie Davis). Sadly, Chris couldn't make it (had an appointment with a bowl of All-Bran) so, in galloped Horse Girl (Liz Cooper), who fit the saddle perfectly as the anxious, sugar-cube-aholic. Sis and Horse Girl acted as our gracious MC's throughout the show's duration, keeping us entertained with their dynamically contrasting comedy.

Each of the acts were warmly welcomed onto the stage, each one of them bringing their own talent, verve and unique brand of storytelling to share with us. Our entree gave us a taste of the charmingly witty Bec Melrose who allowed us to laugh out loud at the ludicrousness of poo shame. In an environmentally conscious performance, Hooplesque (Hula Hoop/Burlesque) artist Willow Wyld astonished us with her superbly individualistic and agile movement piece. Serving up the main course, Gerry and Gerri (Steven Ljubovic and Eleanor Ryan), a geriatric couple, brought us full to the brim with gales of laughter in their uncannily accurate satirical display.

After digesting our main course, we settled back in for the scrumptious desert, the highlight of which was poet and singer Linda Chong whose incredible vulnerability in performance had the audience hanging off every word of her heartfelt and hilarious poetry. Our final course was a serving of religious satire by James Fitzgerald and Georgia Hooper who simultaneously took a bite out of religion and gave a nod to our current climate emergency.

Jacinta Frizelle's lighting design was beautifully rendered and was particularly poignant during a number of the movement oriented pieces.

The pure joy of a variety show comes from the ability to see a number of different acts, genres and stories, all in the one sitting. For those who find it difficult to maintain a lengthy focus in a regular theatre show (whatever that may mean), a variety show like Welcome to Dinner works as an impetus to keep you engaged and wondering what you're going to see next. Curator Flick Anderson has done a stellar job of bringing a selection of short form acts together and combining them into a deliciously entertaining banquet that leaves us feeling full and satisfied.

We are living in a time where the Arts Industry in Australia is in devastating turmoil, being continually de-funded and now having the federal department axed. It is now, perhaps more than ever, crucial to encourage emerging artists to keep creating and keep trying to showcase their work as those in power attempt to cut down the glorious freedom of expression and cultural richness that this industry grants. Through Welcome to Dinner, FlickFlickCity has given multiple artists a paid platform to bring their work to fruition and serves as a fundamental reminder of the importance of these opportunities and how essential they are to a fortuitous career as an artist.


Venue Flight Path Theatre (Marrickville), 4th to 7th Dec 2019

Curator Flick Anderson

Cover Photo and Production Shots by FlickFlickCity

DISCLAIMER: This and all other reviews posted by A Millennial with an Opinion/JTA Official/Jessie Trompp are the honest personal opinions of a theatre-goer and are not reflective in any way of the opinions of others who have seen the production.

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