Featuring a hilarious assortment of skits that will you have aching with laughter, this production by independent producer Talia Meyerowitz-Katz is a fun sketch comedy celebrating all things “ugly”.

Staged in the revamped Flight Path Theatre, a part of the local-loved Addison Road Community Centre,The Ugly Show is an energetic presentation of the absurd reality we endure in terms of gender stereotypes, body expectations and contemporary beauty standards. Through a side-splitting selection of skits tackling the big issues head-on, The Ugly Show revels in the glory of the anti-aesthetic, the bare faces, the unconventional and the downright grotesque.

Sydney comedy scene veteran Maddie Houlbrook-Walk created and directs (and also fills in as last-minute ensemble member) this daring show that shines with originality and an abundance of quirky humour. Keshini de Mel is fantastically physically agile and stings us with her sharp wit particularly as she indulges in a pile of unattached pubic hairs. Thalia-Joan Halperin is simply compelling as she recounts her dream of being a dancer encumbered with a heavy chest and her winks to the audience are perfectly timed. Cassandra Ng uplifted the ensemble as the innocent discoverer but needed to make a few braver choices in order for the audience to relate to her when she shared with us her all-black wardrobe.Creator/director Maddie gleams throughout the entire show and brings the essence of her comedy genius to the floor which keeps us glued and laughing until the very end.

This ensemble show has adeptly used humour to convey an important message to all young women. Glorifying the basic parts of ourselves and our bodies and the bravery to flaunt that to the world is the premise of the show. Including an original song about nipples, a round quartet of a classic chesty tune and a fully inclusive dance party, this show has everything to make you double-over with laughter and relish the joy that comes with embracing our all-encompassing selves.

Venue Flight Path Theatre (Marrickville), 13th to 17th Nov 2019

Director Maddie Houlbrook-Walk

Concieved by Maddie Houlbrook-Walk

FB: The Ugly Show

Production Shots by Olivia Mead

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